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The purpose of the Mukwonago Nursery School is to enrich and expand the child's life:to help the preschool child grow emotionally, physically, and socially;to function as a special service to the community;and to present skills as the children are ready for them.


What is a parent co-op?


A parent cooperative preschool allows parents the opportunity to participate directly in their child's preschool by helping in the

classroom a minimum of one week per semester. As of the school year 2015-2016, the parent co-op is changing. Families will now have the option to be in the classroom instead of being a requirement of the school. However, we encourage participating in the classroom to see your child develop emotionally, socially and physically in the school environment. Families would also be able to show your child how special they are as well as the importance of his/her education.


What does your child do in a day?

The Mukwonago Nursery School strives to enrich and expand the child's life by presenting a curriculum that introduces new units each week. Each day includes a variety of activities that are both structured and unstructured.


Classes & Programs: We currently have a 3-year-old and a 4-year-old pre-Kindergarten program. Classes run on Tuesday and Thursday for the 3-year-old program and Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the

4-year-old program.



Children learn best through hands-on activities using their five senses.


Freeplay offers the child an opportunity to create, discover, experiment, manipulate, plan, play, solve, talk, and work in the learning area he/she chooses.


Activities such as projects, dicussions, games, songs, fingerplays, creative dramatics, freeplay, and movement offer opportunities to learn within a group.


Teachers and helpers also work one-on-one with children in an individualized approach.

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Develop a Positive Self Image

We help the children feel good about themselves and what they can do using praise and encouragement.


Foster Creativity

Each individual child is unique. We encourage a child's own particular expression so that the child can have his/her own idea and not have to copy others.


Emotional Development

We will help your child accept feelings and

deal with them in a positive way, as well

as becoming aware of other's feelings and needs.


Social Development

We will help your child have positive relationships with other children, make

friends and accept others as they are.


Develop Small & Large Motor

We will help your child develop physically through specifically planned activities.


Cognitive Development

We will help your child develop concepts

through experience as he/she is ready:pre-reading & language activities, pre-math

skills, science & social studies,art activities.

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